What front door should you get?

Wooden Door

The portal to your home: it’s no wonder that so many people fuss and agonise over what style of front door to get.

It can be a surprisingly taxing process to finally come to a decision on what type of front door you should finally invest in. Material is a big factor in many people’s decision.

Some homeowners may deliberately avoid certain types of material in the fear that it will make their property look too inauthentic or ‘fake.’ If you are weighing up your options, then here are some considerations to make about the most popular types.


In terms of the benefits of a wooden front door, its main virtues are its physical appearance. For many people, there is something satisfying about a real wooden door that can be painted in any colour you wish.

Wooden Door

For others, a heavy stained and varnished door may have a somewhat authentic quality that may feel hard to beat. However, it’s also good to not be in any doubt about some of the wood’s major drawbacks.

Wood does need to be maintained and looked after in order for it to stay in good condition. It can also be susceptible to cracking and warping in extreme weather conditions.

Those who choose a wooden front door should be mindful that this will mostly be a design choice, as there are more practical options available.


uPVC is perhaps one of the most affordable and practical materials to choose for your front door. It is incredibly resilient against weather and temperature fluctuations, which makes it ideal for those who live next to the sea, for example.

White uPVC Plastic door

It also has cost on its side, with white uPVC front doors being some of the most affordable. However, understandably, not everyone would enjoy the appearance of a brilliant white front door on their home.

By browsing through suppliers, you can find a wide range of styles and colours, so it’s not immediately obvious what the material is. While it may be more cost-effective, this does not detract from its resilience or efficiency.

Composite doors

Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as they are fundamentally more robust than single-material doors. They are often a combination of multiple materials, such as wood, fibreglass, uPVC and foam to keep them insulated.

Some composite doors will actually have a heavy wood core to maximise their insulation abilities. Their sheer strength makes them very popular with owners who have major concerns about their home security.

Chartwell Green composite door

Composite doors are often more design-friendly, insofar as they can mimic more authentic materials such as wood. This style of door has a number of tricks up its sleeve that could appeal to a wide variety of homeowners.

They don’t have to be heavy and cumbersome, either. There are plenty of composite doors that come built in the style of traditional front doors, reminiscent of more classic designs.

The front door you eventually opt for will depend entirely on your desires in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

If you cannot bear the thought of anything inauthentic, then a wooden door will almost certainly be the better option. However, in terms of durability and practicality, uPVC and composite doors take the prize.