UPVC Windows in Summer

Summer windows with flower box

When we think about double or triple glazed windows, we often only consider the benefits that come with keeping our homes warm and the energy bills down. However, uPVC windows also have several other positives during the summer months.

Take a look at some of the main areas to consider if you’re thinking about window repairs or installing new windows.

Controlling temperature

Double glazing is fantastic for keeping the heat in during the winter, but it is also ideal for keeping the heat out during the summer. This type of windowpane reduces the heat transference from one side to the other, so this regulates the temperature on the inside.

Man who is cold inside his house due to poor window insulation

The benefits can be felt all year round. Plus, when the heat drops in the evening, your home still stays an ambient temperature to reduce the need to put the heating on.

Reduces outside noise

Another benefit of uPVC windows is the reduction in outside noise you can hear in your property. It’s natural for people to be outside for longer in the evenings, plus, there’s also the possibility of more BBQs or evening parties (if the weather stays sunny!).

This could mean noise longer into the evening or kids playing outside more frequently during the summer months. If you want to reduce any outside noise, double or triple glazing is the perfect option. They also help to keep the bonfire or BBQ smells at bay.

Improves security

During the summer, we often go on holiday or road trips, which can leave properties empty for day or weeks at a time. To help improve the security of your home while you’re away, double-glazing is the perfect solution.

Old upvc windows with condensation and mould

These windows are lockable from the inside and are also thicker than traditional windows which makes them harder to smash without some considerable force (which will probably alert the neighbours!).

Reduces UV damage

There’s no better feeling than sun streaming through the windows. However, the average window not only lets the beautiful light in, but it also flows through UV rays that can damage your furnishings.

UV damage from direct sunlight

These rays after time will fade upholstery and can also affect carpets, rugs and other materials including wood. It is always a good idea to avoid putting any glass vases or ornaments on windowsills as this can focus the light coming through the window.

uPVC windows can help to reduce this as they limit the UV rays coming into your home. This will ensure your furnishings last longer while keeping your home a comfortable temperature.

Energy efficiency

Although it’s warm throughout the summer months, there are times where you may want to reach for the thermostat. This is usually because the house has heated up so much that when the temperature drops, it makes you feel cold even though the warmth hasn’t changed dramatically.

Not only does double-glazing reduce this temperature drop in the house, but it also means that you won’t need to whack the heating up to compensate. This also ensures that your home is more energy-efficient and keeps bills lower.